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Here are some images of my most recent work.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.  For really hot from the kiln and regular updates go to Instagram@ johnsnockenpottery   
2 rhyolite large.jpg

Stoneware jug and bottle. Wrekin Rhyolite glaze over mixed hardwood ash

snockenjohn 1.jpg

Porcelain . Local Rhyolite and Beech ash glaze over Nuka


Mulberry Wood Ash Bowl.jpg

Stoneware  bowl.Mulberry wood ash glaze


lugged pitchers_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Stoneware lugged pitchers

rhyolite edge plate.jpg
johnsnocken 1 jpg.jpg

Stoneware and Porcelain

Rock and Ash Glazes

Stoneware, Ash and Wrekin Rhyolite

DSCF3920 (1).JPG

Stonewware. Ash glaze over black slip . Fossil  'Trilobite' incision


Stoneware Yunomi . Ash glazes over slip . Local fossil 'Ammonite' incision

DSCF3720 (2).JPG

   Stoneware. Nuka glaze with local Rhyolite inclusion


 Stoneware Bottles. Nuka Glaze with local Rhyolite and Dolerite inclusions


 Stoneware Charger 35 cm.                       Ash  Glaze

mulberry moon and bowl.jpg

Stoneware.Mulberry wood ash

nuka dolerite bottle yunomi.jpg

 Nuka glaze over Wrekin Dolerite slip

 Stoneware. Local clay slip and  Ash Glaze .Fossil 'Graptolite ' incision


 Stoneware ,local clay slip under hardwood Ash Glaze


Stoneware Yunomi.Hardwood ash running over saturated iron glaze. Local fossil imprint to base.

rhyolite moon in situ.jpg

Wrekin Rhyolite over Nuka and inclusion

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